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NFL clamps down on ‘high-risk’ conduct amid MLB’s coronavirus concerns

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

With the MLB’s season on the fritz after various teams have experienced coronavirus outbreaks, the NFL may be taking notes. Especially since news broke that players were out at bars, casinos, and other high-risk locations prior to testing positive for COVID. The NFL Management Council swiftly took action by sending teams updated disciplinary guidelines aimed at players that violate the league’s coronavirus rules.

The new rules are based on behaviors considered to be risky during the pandemic. The updated guidelines allow teams to fine players as much as one week’s salary or suspend them without pay “for engaging in the High-Risk COVID-19 conduct.” Suspensions may not exceed four weeks. Actions that may result in disciplinary action is as follows:

  • Players may not attend indoor night clubs or bars unless they are wearing personal protective equipment and there are 10 or less people in the establishment.
  • Players may not attend house gatherings larger than 15 people unless the player and all guests wear masks or PPE or practice social distances during the event.
  • Players may not attend indoor concerts or entertainment events of any kind.
  • Players may not attend a professional sporting event unless wearing PPE and seated in a separate section (i.e., suites, owners boxes) with no more than 10 people.
  • Players may not attend events prohibited by state or local officials.

While it’s too early to tell if the NFL will make it through the entire season, it looks like the league is stepping up their game to ensure players are safe and able to play.