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Chris Bosh brings together technology and sports as Dean of Drone STEM Academy

Photo Credit: Drone Racing League

Two-time NBA Champion and 11x All-Star Chris Bosh is trading in basketball for drones as he teams up with the Drone Racing League (DRL) ahead of their 2020 DRL Allianz World Championship Season.

You may think that means he is fulfilling some dream of becoming a pilot but in actuality he has been appointed Dean of DRL Academy to lead the league’s STEM program. The purpose of the program is to inspire the next generation of technologists and digital athletes while advancing diversity and inclusion in tech and sports.

DRL Dean Bosh and two-time DRL Allianz World Champion Pilot JET will teach kids about the science behind the sport of high-speed drone racing through a newly launched fun, educational content series.

Classmates tuning in can test their new learnings in the DRL SIM, an immersive drone racing game on Xbox and Steam that teaches players how to build and fly drones through interactive training missions. They can also watch the pros put DRL Academy lessons to real-world use: The 2020 Season features the best drone pilots in the world competing in the DRL SIM.

“I love engineering and technology and believe every kid should be given access to STEM education. With this year’s school closures, I became Principal Bosh for my five kids at home — and now, I’m thrilled to announce my promotion to Dean Bosh, and help kids around the world learn about science through the fun, high-tech, family-friendly sport of the Drone Racing League,” Bosh said.

“Our sport is for infinite learners — and as parents continue to navigate the new playing field of education, we’re excited to offer dynamic STEM programming to supplement remote learning. DRL Dean Bosh had a championship career in the NBA, and he is bringing that same enthusiasm, intensity and dedication that he showed on the court to our DRL Academy. We look forward to inspiring kids together about science and technology on the fly,” DRL President Rachel Jacobson added.

Bosh, who studied at Georgia Tech before his basketball success, will bring his passion for technology and sports together as DRL Dean. 

The Drone Racing League is the global, professional drone racing property for elite FPV (First Person View) pilots. Merging the digital with the real, DRL combines innovative drone technology, custom content, and visually thrilling racing across live sporting and esports events to create the new playing field.

The DRL Allianz World Championship Season starts tonight, October 21st, at 9pm ET on NBCSN, Twitter, and Facebook Watch.