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Ochocinco leaves Terry McLaurin themed tip for server

Former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson aka Ochocinco has made it no secret that he thinks Washington Football Team wide receiver is making his way to one of the best receivers in the league. He took that sentiment to the next level during a recent trip to Jacksonville, FL to participate in an episode of NFL The Grind.

Ochocinco found a Miller’s Ale House while in town and decided to leave his server, Michael Formanek, a hefty $963 tip. He also wrote on the receipt ‘Proverbs 11:25, Terry McLaurin edition.’ McLaurin is the Washington Football Team’s top receiver and is also leading the league with 963 receiving yards.

“I wanted to go hug him! You know? I didn’t. But I was on the patio, and I kind of yelled ‘thank you!’ And I did a little thumbs up. He’s like, ‘You’re welcome man! You were cool! I appreciate you!’ And it was very humbling,” Formanek told a Jacksonville news station.

During a recent appearance on Good Morning Football, McLaurin shared his thoughts on gaining so much respect from one of the best wideouts in the history of the league.

“I think, first of all, that’s a really nice gesture, especially with these tough times we’re going through,” McLaurin said. “For him to go out of his way to give above and beyond is really cool to see. To give that little tip of the cap to me is something I take pride in because when you are getting respect from guys who played your position, played this game at a high level, that can’t be overstated.

“Ocho, he was a great receiver in his time playing. He was just a technician,” McLaurin said. “I liked to watch his film. The way he gets in and out of his cuts, the way he attacks defenders with a ruthless mentality. He goes into each game feeling like nobody can guard him. That’s the type of mentality you have to have on the outside to win in this league.”

Meanwhile, Formanek is grateful for Ochocinco’s gesture and plans to use the unexpected gift wisely.

“The plans for this money, it’s definitely going to help Christmas, it’s definitely going to help pay a couple of bills. Probably take Mom to a nice dinner,” Michael said.