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Super Bowl LV to generate a record-high wager total

Very few events draw the eyes of the sports betting community more than the Super Bowl. The American Gaming Association estimates 7.2 million people will place online wagers for the Super Bowl LV which will generate $4.3 billion in bets. These wagers total will be the most that were ever placed on a sporting event.

The betting possibilities seem to increase every year. The idea of simply betting on who will win the game has morphed into a much more expansive range of propositions to wager money on.

There is an assortment of prop bets used to focus on the total amount of points scored in the game or how many points a team would win or lose by. Nowadays the prop bets include everything from how long it will take to sing the National Anthem to how long the total time of the broadcast will cover.

Here are some of the more interesting prop bets courtesy of BetOnline (

Broadcast Props

What Will be Said First by Tony Romo?

Read                            1/1       

Penetration                2/1       

Blitz                              9/4       

A-Gap                           3/1       

Trick Play                    15/2      

Will “LeBron” be Said During Broadcast?

Yes      +325     (13/4)

No        -550     (2/11)

Super Bowl Record Specials

Will the Super Bowl Combined Team record of 75 points be broken?

Yes      +800     (8/1)

No        -2500   (1/25)   

Note: This was Super Bowl XXIX (29) with San Francisco beating San Diego 49-26.

Will the Super Bowl Single Team record of 55 points be broken?

Yes      +1200   (5/1)

No        -5000   (1/50)   

Note: This was by San Francisco in Super Bowl XXIV (24) against Denver.

Political Specials     

CBS Biden Super Bowl Interview Length

Over/Under                                           229½ Seconds             

Will Joe Biden call to congratulate the winning coach?

Yes      -450     (2/9)

No       +275    (11/4)

FanDuel has prop bets for those who want to hone in on how individual players will perform. You can place a wager on how long Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes’ first touchdown pass will be. The over/under is 13.5 yards. (Over 13.5 yds +115/Under 13.5 yds -145). The over/under drops to 12.5 yards for Tom Brady’s first touchdown pass.

Visit FanDuel’s player props page to see more options. The options are endless!

Placing wagers on big-time sports games like the Super Bowl is a fun way to make the game more interesting and get a potential award. However, it should be done with caution.