Bringing You Another Side Of The Story

VIDEO: Bradley Beal reflects on supporting John Wall in his dark times

Bradley Beal and John Wall were often pit against each other during their time together with the Washington Wizards. No matter how much the media tried to paint them out to be enemies, they always maintained they were brothers.

Recently John Wall penned an article in the Players’ Tribune that seemed to corroborate their story. The very personal piece described how Wall went through a depression related to the death of his mother and an Achilles injury that eventually ended his career with the Wizards.

Wall also mentioned a time where Bradley Beal sat with him silently in his hotel room as he mentally prepared for the passing of his mom. As the reality set in on the road against the Charlotte Hornets, Wall wrote that he smashed the TV among other items in his room at the Ritz-Carlton.  

When Double Take Sports asked Beal about that situation on Friday at Wizards Media Day, he admitted he hadn’t read the full article, but he lived the moment, so he recalls it very well.

“I didn’t say anything. There was nothing to say. Just being there, being there to hold him, being there to comfort him, whatever he needed; that’s what I was there for,” Beal said.

Although Beal had sympathy for Wall at that time, he was able to understand his pain even more when he lost his grandmother last season.

“I never wish that on anybody. I lost my grandmother last November so kind of seeing what he went through and then not even like a year and a half later, he went through it again,” Beal continued. “He lost his mom, lost his grandma, not having basketball. That’s a lot for somebody to deal with who had the world in his hand”

Listen to Beal’s full response is below.