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WATCH: Steph Curry Reacts to Being Called Modern Michael Jordan

Photo Credit: Darrell Owens/ Inside the Wizards

When the Golden State Warriors visited Capital One Arena to take on the Washington Wizards, the atmosphere was like a home game for the Warriors. Fans packed the house to see Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Jordan Poole, and the Warriors cast.

You knew it was disproportionately skewed in the Warriors direction every time they made a big play. Especially as they mounted a 4th quarter comeback.

After the game, Warriors coach Steve Kerr was asked his thought about the Warriors having so much support on the road. He responded by praising Steph Curry’s widespread appeal.

“He’s the modern MJ. I used to see this playing with the Bulls. Half the crowd has red #23 jerseys on. Now half the crowd has blue and yellow #30 jerseys,” Kerr said. “Steph transcends the game. He elicits and emotion from people. I think because he’s so awe inspiring with his play, that no matter where we go, there are people cheering for him and can’t wait to see him perform. Because we have never seen anything like him and I think people can relate to him.”

It’s not often that Steph Curry is speechless but when he learned that Kerr, who used to play with Michael Jordan, called him a modern MJ, it took him some time to gather his thoughts.

“Every time you take the floor and you feel that energy, I don’t take it for granted because it wasn’t always like that…I’ll leave it to him to make the comparison, but it is special what our accomplishments have done in terms of bringing that atmosphere night after night, even on the road,” Curry said.

Not only does Curry ball on the court, he makes a difference off the court. That definitely makes him a likable athlete and someone we will probably see in the Basketball Hall of Fame in the future.

The Warriors ultimately walked away with a 127-118 victory. The Wizards kept the game close and it looked like they were going to pull off an upset. But the Warriors surged late in the 4th quarter, giving Dub Nation fans a satisfying end result.