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Wizards President Michael Winger: ‘This Will Be Odd NBA Draft’

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The new Wizards front office led by President Michael Winger wasted no time resetting the team. While the possibility of an overhaul was expected, it’s still hitting fans hard. In the past few days, the Wizards have traded their franchise player Bradley Beal and the unicorn Kristaps Porzingis.

As expected, Kyle Kuzma declined his $13 million player option so he can test free agency. Based on the way everything is unfolding, it is highly unlikely he will be back in a Wizards uniform.

It is also being reported that Jordan Goodwin and Isaiah Todd will follow Beal to Phoenix. Goodwin and Beal have history dating back to Goodwin playing for Beal’s youth basketball team Bradley Beal Elite. 

With the leverage Beal held with his no trade clause, it makes sense that he is taking his mentee with him. The final details are still being worked out while the Wizards find a home for Chris Paul who was also included in the Wizards-Phoenix trade. 

Monumental Sports President Michael Winger made it clear in his introductory press conference that the new regime has full authority to reset the roster if that is what they choose to do. It is clearly the route they have decided to take. Now that a vast majority of the trades have occurred, the Wizards shift their full attention to putting the pieces together in tonight’s NBA Draft.

The reality is that right now it is hard to understand the future vision of this team. However, that doesn’t mean that there is no vision. Winger shared that this will be an “odd” Draft and it may be “clunky” due to the fact that they will be combining a variety of philosophies being that his team has only been together for a short time period. 

Wizards general manager Will Dawkins was very pointed in saying that they are not making short sighted decisions. They are thinking long-term. 

That should give fans some assurance but the proof will be in the pudding. This will definitely be one of the most critical NBA Draft’s for the Wizards since John Wall and Bradley Beal were selected over ten years ago.