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Get To Know The Top 2024 WNBA Draft Prospects

Photo Credit: WNBA

The future of the WNBA looks bright with a group of incredibly talented prospects emerging in the 2024 WNBA Draft. This may be one of the most stacked group of prospects in recent years. Here’s a glimpse into the careers and backgrounds of the young stars that will take the stage at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York City:

Cameron Brink (Stanford) – A towering presence, Cameron Brink has not only earned All-Pac-12 honors but also distinguished herself as a shot-blocking phenomenon, crucial in Stanford’s defensive schemes.

Kamilla Cardoso (South Carolina) – Dominating both ends of the court with her size and skill, Kamilla has been recognized as the SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Year, underlining her exceptional impact on the game.

Caitlin Clark (Iowa) – Known for her scoring prowess and playmaking abilities, Caitlin has been a statistical leader nationwide and a repeat All-Big Ten First Team honoree, marking her as one of the nation’s elite guards.

Marquesha Davis (Mississippi) – With her athleticism and defensive intensity, Marquesha has made significant strides in her collegiate career. Her progress and on-court contributions have been vital to her team’s competitive edge.

Aaliyah Edwards (Connecticut) – A powerhouse forward, Aaliyah has proven her mettle in big games and was recognized with All-Big East First Team honors. Her relentless hustle and physical play have been key to UConn’s success.

Dyaisha Fair (Syracuse) – Dyaisha has been one of the nation’s top scorers, showcasing an offensive repertoire that earned her multiple All-ACC honors and placed her among the elite in collegiate basketball.

Rickea Jackson (Tennessee) – Rickea’s adaptability and scoring finesse have earned her multiple SEC Player of the Week awards. Her ability to impact the game in multiple ways has made her one of the top players in the conference.

Elizabeth Kitley (Virginia Tech) – ACC Player of the Year Elizabeth Kitley has dominated the post with her scoring and shot-blocking, her height and skills making her a consistent and formidable presence.

Nika Mühl (Connecticut) – As a testament to her defensive acumen and playmaking, Nika has led the nation in assists and steals, earning recognition with a spot on the All-Big East Defensive Team.

Charisma Osborne (UCLA) – A dynamic guard, Charisma has collected multiple All-Pac-12 honors throughout her college career. Her leadership and robust guard play have been instrumental for UCLA.

Alissa Pili (Utah) – Alissa has showcased her ability to be a stat sheet stuffer and received All-Pac-12 honors. Her standout performances have made her an indispensable player for Utah.

Nyadiew Puoch (Australia) – Representing the international talent in the draft, Nyadiew has made a name for herself with her raw talent and potential, ready to bring her diverse skill set to the WNBA.

Angel Reese (LSU) – A double-double machine, Angel has been a force in the SEC, earning a spot on the All-SEC First Team. Her dominant rebounding and inside scoring have set her apart.

Jacy Sheldon (Ohio State) – Known for her defensive prowess, Jacy has earned a reputation as a disruptive force on the court with a spot on the All-Big Ten Defensive Team.

Celeste Taylor (Ohio State) – An all-around contributor, Celeste has been recognized with All-Big Ten honors for her defensive skills and her ability to make an impact in various aspects of the game.

These draft prospects have shown a remarkable blend of talent, dedication, and leadership on the court. Their impressive collegiate careers are just the beginning, as they stand on the precipice of their professional journeys, poised to bring their unique skills to the WNBA.