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John Wall Wants To Reunite With Bradley Beal

When Bradley Beal and John Wall were Washington Wizards teammates, outsiders and media always pit the two against each other. While they may have had their ups and downs, they never stopped claiming that they are brothers. 

Wall even shared in a self-written Players Tribune article that Beal was there for him at his lowest moment when Beal sat with him silently in his hotel room as he dealt with the realization that his mother’s time on this earth was ticking away. 

Beal responded to the article, admitting that he hadn’t yet read the full reflection, but lived the moment, so he recalls it very well.

“I didn’t say anything. There was nothing to say. Just being there, being there to hold him, being there to comfort him, whatever he needed; that’s what I was there for,” Beal said.

The brotherhood still seems strong as Wall recently went on the record during an appearance on the Run It Back show on FanDuel TV and was asked by Shams Charania about Beal with the Suns.

“Me and Brad are still brothers,” Wall said about a possible reunion. “If I could join their team for sure I would love that.”

Wall followed up with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson to further elaborate on his comments. He told Robinson “I just spoke my mind. I just spoke on our friendship.”

It’s hard to believe the number one draft pick is not currently with a NBA team. Nonetheless he continues to workout as he waits for a team to call whether it’s the Phoenix Suns, Washington Wizards, or another option.